5 Best Air Bathtub – Reviews & Buying Guide


An air bathtub is an essential bathroom accessory you should own. The best air bathtubs have therapeutic features that make you relax while bathing. Have you been planning on purchasing a new air bathtub? Alright! There are different types of air bathtubs you can purchase in the market. I am here to help you. Before buying an air bathtub, you must…

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How to Caulk a Bathtub Large Gap


Do you need to to caulk a large gap? Have you noticed moisture or mold in your bathroom? Well, it’s pretty straightforward! You can easily seal large gaps between the tub and the wall with caulk. Caulk is waterproof and so it would keep moisture out of the space. If you’ve been seeing mold and moisture in your bathroom, it is…

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How to Fix Rotten Floor Joist Under Bathtub


Do you have a rotten floor joist under your lovely soaking bathtub? Then you need to fix it. Because of the nature of the use of our bathrooms, the floors’ frequent contact with water is inevitable. Bathroom repairing or remodeling is must if you need to upgrade the old decor. Wiping out spilled water on your bathroom floor may be simple,…

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How to Measure Bathtub Drain Size


If you’ve bought a top quality new bathtub like alcove, freestanding, soaking or you’re renovating your bathroom, the process is never complete without installing a new drain and overflow assembly. Before installing, you have to measure bathtub drain size so that you can choose the right set for your bathroom. Sometimes, you only need to measure the old drain and overflow…

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How to Install A Bathtub on Concrete Floor


Bathroom remodeling is interesting. You may thinking of install a new bathtub or replace older one with the best soaking bathtub. We will equip you on the right way. A floor made of concrete or cement, bathtub installation requires special care. Having a new sparkling tub not only brings a refreshing feeling but also gives the bathroom interior a beautiful…

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How to Remove Bathtub Decals


Are you scared of removing adhesives in your bathroom? Bathtub decals are nonslip appliques that stick on your tub floors to prevent falling off as you shower. However, once they start wearing out, stickers can be slippery and make your bathroom look ugly. Things You Need to Remove Bathtub Decals:Nylon scrubberLubricating oilAdhesive removerWhite VinegarPowdered and liquid cleanserWooden or plastic spatulaRag and…

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