Top 6 Best 3 Oz. Grease Gun Reviews in 2021

Automotive and other machinery require frequent lubrication for a smooth running. It is a precaution measure that counters damage of interior parts of a machine. In this regard, the best 3 oz grease gun can be effective in delivering precise lubrication.

A 3 oz mini grease gun can reach out the areas that are inaccessible by hand or any other mode of application. Additionally, they require little prowess and operate without wastage of the lubricant.

They are applicable in a diverse working environment. Mini grease guns are widely utilized in sectors such as garages, construction, automotive, and industries. They are ideal for lubrication as they allow you to pump the required amount of grease in the dry regions.

Quick Comparison: Best 3 Oz. Grease guns

Top 6 Best 3 Oz Grease gun Reviews:

1. HORUSDY Mini Pistol Grip 3 oz Grease Gun

HORUSDY Mini Pistol Grip 3 oz Grease Gun

This Horusdy 3 oz. mini pistol grease gun has a one-handed operation mechanism. Its efficacy gets boosted by the knurled thick wall barrel that ensures firm grip. Thus, you can expect performance without slipping issues. Additionally, the gun’s grip has a lever action. This feature enables easier operation as you can push it downward and forward.

The tool has a spring that allows a seamless application of grease. It is useful in ensuring that you have a precise application. This gets enabled by the ability to measure and gauge the grease release during the application process.

This 3 oz grease gun has chrome plate finish. It makes the tool more durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean. Moreover, it is also a decorative feature. The mini grease gun has a vented cap that allows accurate grease application. It is also fitted with a positive lock that allows easy filling.

It is equipped with a standard 3 oz cartridge and comes with a 3-piece accessory kit. It is composed of a steel hose with coupler. This is a rigid hose that can provide greasing services for a long duration. Also, there is a steel extension hose that is effective when applying grease in complicated areas. It has a 9” flex hose fitted with a nozzle. This can stretch further during grease application.

The manufacturer structured the 3 oz grease gun with two hose outlet positions. They are positioned on the side and end.

It has a short stroke operation system that has higher peak power. This system is also effective for its ideal timing and its ability to maneuver in tight spots.


  • The grease gun has two hose outlet positions.
  • There are two-way filling, that is, bulk or 3 ounces cartridge.
  • It has quality workmanship that has a chrome finishing.
  • The grease gun has a working pressure of 2900 P.S.I
  • It is fitted with a lever that enables smooth operation.
  • It has a secure grip.


  • The spring is subject to damage.
  • It does not work well for wheel bearings.

2. Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 Oz. Cartridge

Lumax LX-1172 Black Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun with 3 oz. Cartridge

This 3 oz grease gun gets listed as one of the high quality mini grease guns. It is a product of Lumax, who get involved in the manufacturing of products that are utilized in lubrication and fluid management.

Despite its lightweight attributes, this 3 oz grease gun is a compact tool. It has an easy-to-use mechanism which gets enabled by the pistol grip. Additionally, its one hand operation is effective in the execution of hard-to-reach tasks. This includes interior areas of automotive and other machinery.

The grease gun has heavy duty alloy head that that is durable. This boosts its performances even in complicated tasks without sustaining damages. It has a shiny appearance elevates the beauty of the mini grease gun.

It has a smooth operation favored by the contoured lever. The lever is designed to deliver adequate pressure with the engagement of less effort. You can use the gun in operations for a longer time without exhaustion. It also has two loading options, cartridge and bulk. It has a short metal tube that is ideal for grease application.

This 3 oz grease gun has an ergonomically designed T-handle. It fits on the hand appropriately and provides a positive grip. Additionally, its hydraulic coupler is reinforced with a non-drip seal. This is essential in preventing leakages that may lead to grease wastage.

It come with a 4” extension pipe and a coupler that provides connection. Also, it has a 3-ounce grease cartridge. It has an output of 1.5 oz of grease per 100 strokes.

As compared to some 3 oz grease guns that have work limitations, this one is ideal for various tasks. It is effective in automotive, farm, handyman, industrial and RV usage.


  • It is enhanced with non-leak features.
  • The grease gun is compact as well as lightweight.
  • This gun has a two-way loading format.
  • Its T-handle provides positive grip for effective operations.
  • It has a lever that creates more pressure while utilizing less effort.
  • The tool can be used in a diverse range of grease applications.


  • It does not come with a flex hose.
  • The plunger may have complications in pushing out the grease.

3. Workforce Mini Grease Gun

Workforce Mini Grease Gun

This is a product of workforce that incorporates the highest standards for engineering and craftsmanship. It has a chrome finishing that promotes longer service. This electroplating technique is good for its corrosion resistant abilities. Additionally, it ensures that the mini 3 oz. grease gun is hardy and has an eye-catching look.

The performance of Workforce mini grease gun gets enhanced by a durable follower and the rod. They enable movement of the lever during task execution. Also, there is a spring that aid in the front and backward motion of the lever. It also key in enabling the return position and gradual application of grease. It minimizes the cost incurred by wastage of grease.

The 3 oz grease gun has a 12” grease hose. Its flexibility enables maneuvering in tight zones during grease application. Also, it comes with a 4” straight extension that can be deployed in extremely hard-to-reach areas. This ensures that all areas of your machine are well greased.

It has a heavy-duty head that has a die-cast plating. Its hardened steel guarantees maximum durability for a longer service duration. Additionally, it is fitted with a super grip 4-jaw coupler that is ideal for withstanding high pressure. It also has a superior grip that is essential in a smooth operation. The grip is also ideal for one-hand operation. This suits an easy operation.

This grease gun has a 3 oz cartridge that is easy to use especially during loading. It is lightweight and compact, thus, it can be deployed in tight regions.


  • It has a die-cast construction that enhances durability.
  • The grease gun has a superior grip which is consistent for a long-term use.
  • It has an easy-to-use mechanism favored by the contoured lever.
  • The manufacturer utilized chrome plating that is durable and has a stylish look.
  • It is accompanied by a flexible grease hose that accesses the hard-to-reach areas.
  • It is fitted with a spring that enables a smooth grease application.


  • Its plunger is not tight enough for application of thin greases.
  • The nozzle may require a lot of energy when inserting.

4. K Tool International KTI KTI73930 Grease Gun (Mini Pistol 3 oz)

K Tool International KTI KTI73930 Grease Gun (Mini Pistol 3 oz)

This is a product of K Tool International. They have a good reputation for the manufacturing of high-quality products. This grease gun was first available in the market in 2016. It is structured with state-of-the-art technologies that ensure conveniency when applying grease.

It is a mini grease gun that comes with a one-year warranty. This ensures that you are at peace when executing tasks as you are covered in case the tool gets damaged. The grease gun has a 4-inch steel extension. It makes it easy to apply grease. Also, the material used for its construction is durable and resistant to damage by rust.

The grease gun has a spring that enables a smooth movement of the handle. It allows you to move back and forth while applying grease. Also, it comes with a strap that holds the handle firmly on the body of the tool when not in use. The mini grease gun can withstand a pressure of 3,500 PSI.

This grease gun has dual discharge ports. They are effective in the pistol’s performances enabled by their pull type mechanisms. The pistol is a compact and lightweight tool that favors operations in diverse applications. Thus, you can enjoy a non-turbulent grease application.

Its manufacturer states that they keep on modernizing the equipment to ensure that it is up to par with the current customer needs. It is also tailored to perform in rugged conditions. The grease gun is a high-quality tool that come with a use friendly price.


  • It has an extension that enhances a smooth grease application.
  • It is fitted with dual discharge ports that operate with pull type system.
  • The grease gun has an outstanding working pressure of 3,500 P.S.I
  • Its manufacturing has been executed by a reputable dealer.
  • Customers are backer up with a one-year guarantee.
  • The steel coating promises a durable service duration.


  • The grease gun has not adequate customer feedbacks that can gauge its efficacy.
  • It does not come with a flex extension that can be used to cover hard to reach areas.

5. Mercury Quicksilver 91-74057Q5 3 Oz. Mini Grease Gun

Mercury Quicksilver 91-74057Q5 3 oz Grease Gun

The grease gun is a product of Harvard marine and is effective both for outdoor and repair store. It promises a durable life service which gets enhanced by the PTFE coating. It is resistant to corrosion and forms a non-reactive outer layer. Additionally, it increases the gun’s strength making it durable.

It has couplers that lock onto the fittings making the equipment to be firm and compact. Additionally, it gets designed for versatile utilization. This is enabled by its ability to withstand extreme levels of friction.

It is fitted with a 3 oz cartridge for a smooth grease application. This is essential in fast loading of grease during application. It is also separable from with other parts of the grease gun.

However, this greasing pistol does not come with an extension that can facilitate the application of grease in hard-to-reach areas. This makes it quite difficult to access areas such as the internal parts of an engine.

Its efficiency cannot be determined as only an insubstantial number of users have approved its credibility. There is a thirty-day return policy for customers who are not contented on the product’s efficacy. Its manufacturing has been conducted by a trustworthy source.


  • It has a PTFE composition that battles corrosion for a robust service.
  • It is designed with water resistant attributes.
  • The grease gun can withstand high friction situations making it more effective in a wide array of working conditions.
  • The manufacturer designed it for multi-purpose grease application functions.
  • It has couplers that ensures optimum compatibility of the equipment.
  • It comes with a tube of 2-4-c.


  • This greasing tool is not applicable in needle bearings and other interior parts of the engine.
  • Very few users have provided a testimony on its task execution.

6. Mercury Quicksilver 91-74057Q5 Mini Grease Gun

Mercury Quicksilver 91-74057Q5 Grease Gun

The product is a manufacture of Quicksilver. This is a genuine mercury OEM grease pistol that makes it one of the best mini grease gun in the market. It is equipped with a 2-4-C marine grease mercury 3 oz tube.

Its structure is sourced from PTFE material that is free from corrosion. It is also ideal for its ability to withstand distortion by water. This ensures that the grease gun delivers for a longer duration.

Additionally, the manufacturer has designed it for numerous job execution. Its rigid construction enables it to thrive in a wide range or working conditions. This ensures that it functions without recording negative setbacks. Also, it can go a long way without replacements.

Also, it has a tight fitting on the end of the hose. It ensures that the hose is compact to the entire grease gun body. Hence, the hose can withstand high pressure during task execution. It has been designed with the ability to withstand a pressure of 5,000 PSI.

This grease gun has a weight of 1.5 pounds that makes it easier to handle during grease application. It also minimizes exhaustion that may arise due to consistent use of a heavy tool.

Additionally, it is fitted with a follower spring that enables continuous usage of the grease gun. It is also applicable in a diverse working environment such as prop shafts, steering cable systems, shift cables, and swivel pins.


  • It is composed of a material that is resistant to corrosion for a longer service life.
  • The grease gun has been manufactured with genuine parts.
  • This grease gun model is sturdily constructed which ensures firmness during grease application.
  • It has flexible pressure tubes with a cool size.
  • Its ideal size is efficient for grease application in tight areas.
  • The hose is tightly fitted to the gun, thus it can withstand high pressure during grease application.


  • Continuous usage may lead to wear and tear causing leakages.
  • It has recorded a low-quality status.

Best 3 Ounce Mini Grease Gun Buying Guide

Type of Task

Different mini grease guns are compatible with specific types of work. While choosing a 3 oz grease gun, you should assess the type of work that it is destined to perform.

For example, a small 3 oz grease gun is ideal for the execution of simple and light tasks. These includes operations such as DIY projects and other personal needs.

However, you cannot deploy the same tool in heavy tasks such as garages and industrial areas.

Type of Material

Not all mini grease guns are composed of the same material. This also dictates the durability of the tool. For instance, a 3 oz grease gun made of steel is sturdier and more durable for a longer service. Also, it can withstand rigorous working conditions.

When working in wet conditions you should dwell on a grease gun that has water resistant abilities. Additionally, one that will be more resistant to corrosion is the ideal tool.


This is one of the dominant features when purchasing a grease gun. Features such as length and flexibility of the hose are a key consideration. It is essential in determining how far the 3 oz grease gun can stretch and its competency in covering complicated regions.

Also, the speed trigger is a vital consideration. It determines the flow rate and precision delivered by the small grease gun. Other additional features such as the LED lights can be imperative especially for persons working in dark environments.

Easy to Use

A small grease gun should be easy to use while delivering exquisite results. It is favored by factors such as positive grip on the handle and a return spring. Also, it ensures that the tool can be deployed with a one hand operation mechanism and also be in service for a longer duration.

Also, a lightweight mini grease gun is ideal as there is minimal exhaustion during task execution. The handle should be comfortable so that you can work at ease.


You should go for an effective mini grease gun that delivers substantial results. A budget that delivers appropriately to your needs is a good consideration.

Types of Grease Guns

There are five types of grease guns available in the market. They include:


Such models are ideal for heavy-duty usage. This is because that generate adequate pressure that can execute large and complex tasks. In contrary to small grease gun, these guns can be deployed in areas such as industries where heavy machineries require greasing.


These are versions that come with a small and portable pump. The pump is used to generate pressure that jerks out grease from the guns cylinder. They are ideal for their powerful performances and can perform in a diverse working state. They are also ideal for their precision in grease application. However, they demand some expertise during usage.


These are the most common greasing guns in the market. They depend on manual operation for the application of grease. Small grease gun are applicable in numerous types of jobs. Nonetheless, their manual operation mode can be tedious, especially when utilized for a longer period. They are recommended for homeowners who are not in greasing operations on a daily basis.


Cordless greasing guns are fitted with batteries. As the name suggests they task without the need of a power cable. These batteries are rechargeable which makes them available even during power outages. They are also portable making them easier to use. However, they do not have numerous features as compared to other types of greasing guns.

Pistol Grip

They mimic the actual pistol guns. They are small grease gun that can be operated by one hand. Hence, they can maneuver in tight and hard t reach areas.

So, What's the Best 3 Oz. Grease Gun?

Lubrication is essential in the seamless operation of machinery. A 3 oz grease gun is a recommended tool in application of grease. Its versatility makes it serve a wide array of machinery. Also, its precision makes it cost effective as lubricants are not wasted.

However, when choosing a mini grease gun, there are a number of factors you ought to consider. They include material composition, features, designated duties, and price. It is vital in ensuring that you are in line with your lubrication requirements.

The article has some of the best rated 3 oz grease guns right now. It has a variety that can suit different greasing needs. Additionally, the have distinct features that you can choose from. You can engage an in-depth analysis and choose the perfect mini 3 oz grease gun that will keep your machine in a productive state.

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