Best Ball Joints for Jeep JK

Best Ball Joints for Jeep JK Reviews in 2021

Ball joints are round bearings responsible for connecting a vehicle's control arms to its steering knuckles. If you own a Jeep JK, it's important to note that ball joints are essential parts of its steering and suspension operating systems.

Through this article, you can explore top 10 best ball joints for Jeep JK. These ball joints ensure your Jeep's wheel rotates smoothly and efficiently.

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Top 10 Best Ball Joints for Jeep JK Reviews:

1. TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints (Premium JK Dana 30/44 Ball Joint Kit)

TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints (Premium JK Dana 30/44 Ball Joint Kit)

Offset wheels and oversized tires increase the load of your Jeep JK. The makers of the TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints come designed to handle this problem.

The result is incredible, making this product the best Dana 44 ball joint available today. What's exciting is that it fits JK Wranglers with either two or four doors. The ball joints come as four pieces, two for the upper side and the others for the lower side.

The upper ball joints get designed to manage excess load at the sides. Their robust construction of sturdy sintered wear bushings does the trick without failure.

The joints also do not corrode as they come coated with magnesium phosphate. It also means that you need not worry about them wearing out fast. With its carbon steel and heat-treated housing, the TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints inhibits terrific longevity.

The lower ball joints are incredibly sturdy and durable due to the hardened steel used in its making. It also features a strong wear plate to protect the ball's socket. The entire lower ball joint enjoys a consistent grease flow aided by the numerous grease channels found in the wear plate. Because of the lower ball joints' magnesium coating, they serve for a long time and does not corrode.

The TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints offers a smooth operation because of enough greasing that prevents friction. You can count on the durability of these joints because of their heat-treated nature.

In case you want to adjust the TeraFlex 34420002 Ball Joints to prevent wearing out, the procedure is effortless. Thanks to its accompanying kit that consists of tools for preload adjustment. With its dust seal, a single lip, you need not worry about the joints getting dust.

The ball studs are adjustable to ensure the rings get maintained for accurate preload adjustments, which is possible without disassembling any axle.

By use of simple hand tools, you get to adjust the preload. The end cap is also adjustable and contains two zero fittings that enhance the easy access to grease from either side.

Impressively, this happens without removing the axle shaft. Even when your Jeep JK has large RCV shafts, the grease grooves found in the retaining ring ensure that used grease escapes the seal. It is a low-profile that prevents contaminants.

Buying these ball joints is a real deal for your money as it comes with a lifetime warranty!


  • Does not corrode
  • Easily adjusted and greased
  • Ideal for extreme side load
  • The preload adjustability features make them adjust smoothly
  • Minimizes the dead wobble significantly
  • High-quality parts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a robust housing


  • May require the assistance of a professional
  • Ideal only to the 7 – 12 JK models

2. TeraFlex 3442022 JK Dana 30/44 Complete Knurled Ball Joint Set

TeraFlex 3442022 JK Dana 30/44 Complete Knurled Ball Joint Set

If you love cruising around the rough roads with your Jeep JK, you must use some of the best quality ball joints like the TeraFlex 3442022. It is a heavy-duty product designed to handle a lot of pressure.

Offset wheels and oversized tires are the leading causes of immense pressure in Jeep JKs. But thanks to the makers of the TeraFlex 3442022 ball joints, you get to enjoy a smooth ride, even on rough terrains.

In case you experience an extreme side, these ball joints' wear bushings, which come hardened and sintered, help manage the pressure without breaking down or failing. Its serrated flange nut is factory-styled. With its accurate grease fitting, you get to enjoy maximum performance from these ball joints.

Installing the TeraFlex 3442022 ball joints in your Jeep JK means enjoying the best rides attributed to their features and a massive 3.85 pounds weight.

These ball joints' selling point is in their ability to thrive on rough roads and challenging conditions. The quality is unbeatable, assuring you of service for a long time. The complete set of the TeraFlex 3442022 ball joints passes through heat treatment.

The ball stud then comes in 414 Chrome Moly, and the housing gets designed using 1045 carbon steel. Durability and sturdiness are absolute!

It is a product to go for when evading the death wobble, thanks to their top-notch wear bushings. As a 4 – piece set, the ball joints come with support for all the parts. Your money also gets safeguarded by the warranty provided, ensuring you enjoy value for your money.

Though the knurling suits the older Jeeps, it is worth having. Besides, you need not worry about installing the set as it is straight forward.

Both the lower and upper ball joints can be adjusted before loading, thanks to their threaded top caps. Servicing using grease is like a piece of cake. You do it without removing the axle shaft, even in models with RCV shafts.

With the help of the grease passage machine-made in its lower joint assembly, these ball joints ensure you enjoy optimal lubrication. It is the reason the ball joints do not experience any friction. If you are looking for your Jeep JK ball joint replacement, you may need to consider this set. It is a real deal for your money!


  • Made with a sturdy housing
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • Very safe and secure to use
  • Comes as a complete tight assembly
  • You can choose between the normal or knurled
  • Removes the death wobble from your Jeep JK
  • Excellent for tough terrains
  • Offers a smooth ride


  • Does not come with an installation guide
  • May not contain bottom boots

3. Alloy USA 11800 Upper/Lower Ball Joint Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK

Alloy USA 11800 Upper/Lower Ball Joint Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK

As the name suggests, this ball joint kit gets made in the USA. Due to the country's reputation for producing high-quality products, most Jeep JK owners may consider this factor while searching for top JK ball joints. It, therefore, makes it a plus for the Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit.

But this is not the only thing that makes this ball joint kit stand out. Solid steel gets used to make these joints and their sockets, giving you comfort with the kit's durability and strength.

If your Jeep JK experiences wobbling, it becomes a thing of the past with the Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit. The ball studs are 4120 heat-treated and SAE 4140, offering you optimal quality and results. You only need to follow the installation instructions correctly, and you'll enjoy a pleasurable ride.

You will find two lower ball joints, two upper ball joints, two snap rings, and four cotter pins inside the set. You get all you need in one set for excellent riding experience.

When using this kit, your Jeep JK's bearings get fed grease with ease, thanks to the grease fitting that comes with the Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit. When the bearings receive enough lubricant at all times, they barely develop early issues. But for the upper joints, just grease them when necessary.

The Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit surpasses replacements made in factories because they come designed to fit the low profile. The factory-made replacements come with plastic nylon material, making them weak compared to this steel made kit. It also comes engineered to handle heavy-duty cars like your Jeep JK, explaining why the ball joints offer optimal flexibility and an enjoyable ride.

The Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit eradicates the worry about buying another kit soon. You only need to have it maintained. Your Jeep JK will not experience any tearing or wearing from drastic turns while installed with this kit. Thanks to its greater strength, you get to enjoy value for your money.

Though the warranty indicates that the Alloy USA 11800 Ball Joint Kit should serve you for five years, it takes lesser years to install a new one. But the years covered are still worth, making it a great option.


  • Continuous fitting attributed to the Zerk Fittings
  • Comes with full front wheels set
  • Easy to grease
  • Does not cause friction
  • Does not corrode
  • High-quality and robust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eliminates the death wobble


  • Not adjustable
  • Quite expensive

4. MOOG K6541 Ball Joint for Jeep JK

MOOG K6541 Ball Joint for Jeep JK

If you are keen on design and fine features, you may discover the MOOG K6541 as one of the right ball joints for Jeep JK. Its maker did an incredible job of blending its unique elements with its design.

As a professional technician, this could be your best shot. Grease flows seamlessly to the studs while passing through the bearings. In return, your Jeep doesn't experience any friction, boosting its strength and efficiency.

The MOOG K6541 Ball Joint is a sturdy component attributed by the top-notch material used in its making. If there're ball joints made to perform, the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint tops on the list.

In its perfect design, the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint ensures that your Jeep's rotational movement is smooth and consistent. In return, your steering becomes easy to control, giving you a great driving experience.

The ball joint's stud enhances the minimum axis clearance of your Jeep JK. You can also handle lower torque with the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint because of the Belleville washer that comes with the kit. The control arm consists of an enlarged ball joint holder, located in its lower part.

If the ball joints happen to have a loose end, this ball joint receptacle causes them to fit. Besides, the entire housing of the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint is oversized, another factor that attributes to a more secure fit.

Lubricants flow through the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint with ease. What's exciting is that you can add new grease to help eliminate any contaminants found in the assembly. After eradicating all the lubricants, you will hardly see any wear or corrosion, making the ball joints serve you for long.

Considering the MOOG K6541 Ball Joint price package, it is a perfect deal for your money. You will enjoy much value by spending less. Even with the ongoing replacements, you will save your hard-earned money. Because installing this ball joint is easy, you don't require the services of a professional. It is ideal for installing in GMC, Cadillac, and Chevy vehicles.

Because of its Problem Solver Technology, this product is a top ball joint for Jeep JK that exhibits exemplary performance and robust original parts. If you value your Jeep and love a smooth ride, these ball joints will offer more. Besides, it will eliminate the death wobble, making your Jeep JK stable on the road!


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Lubricates Easily
  • Makes the steering easy to control
  • Serves for many years
  • Allows the Jeep to cover long distances with ease
  • Removes axial and radial movement
  • Uses the Problem Solver Technology
  • Easy to replace


  • It is not a complete set. You need to buy more ball joints to replace all your Jeep's ball joints
  • Not compatible with all vehicles

5. MOOG Chassis Products K3185 Ball Joint

MOOG Chassis Products K3185 Ball Joint

Like many Jeep owners, you could be wondering who makes the best ball joints. Whatever your choice, the Moog Chassis Products Company should be among your list as it has created yet another top-notch ball joint – the MOOG K3185.

The connection between the suspension and steering of your Jeep JK's made by this ball joint is incredible! The product features quality and optimal functioning.

Dust in the ball joint's socket causes a lot of damages. But thanks to the makers of the Moog K3185 Ball Joint, they have made a dust boot for this product.

Your Jeep's greased socket gets free of contamination if you install these ball joints. As a result, you don't experience any friction, and the sockets do not corrode, enhancing their lives.

The Moog K3185 Ball Joint's stud gets created using a heat-treated metal. It is the reason this ball joint possesses incredible resilience and serves your Jeep JK for many years before replacement.

In fixing components like the ball joints, they need to get greased for fluidity. With the Moog K3185 Ball Joint, you need not worry because it is greaseable, making it move smoothly.

With the world full of counterfeits, the manufacturer has designed a way for customers to identify their original product and a fake. You will find the company initials "MOOG" imprinted on the Moog K3185 Ball Joint, indicating to you that it's authentic. It, therefore, becomes easy to spot a fake of this product.

The Moog K3185 Ball Joint changes everything about your Jeep JK. You start feeling safer after installing it. The vehicle also feels tight, and the stability received cannot allow your Jeep to wobble, ensuring you cruise around safely as you enjoy the driving.

If you are wondering how to install the Moog K3185 Ball Joint, you need not because it comes with a guide manual. It is also easy to read and understand.

Though the process of having this ball joint is easy, you can seek assistance from a mechanic if you find it challenging. It is among the few Jeep JK ball joints that come with value for money.

The features discussed above of the Moog K3185 Ball Joint have won many technicians' hearts, making it popular. With this product, you can count on durability, sturdiness, efficiency, and optimal results, making it worth buying for your Jeep JK.


  • Serves for a long time
  • Comes with a guide manual for easy installation
  • Can be greased for easier movement
  • Enhances the easy control of the steering
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Comes with a dust boot
  • Can identify a counterfeit
  • Increases the safety of your Jeep JK


  • Comes as a single ball joint
  • Not adjustable

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-wheel Drive Adapters

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-wheel Drive Adapters

Heavy-duty ball joints for Jeep Wrangler require sturdy tools for installation, making this tool kit a must-have in your arsenal. It is not only ideal for installing or removing your Jeep's ball joints but also helps in the suspension's maintenance or repairs.

Apart from the Jeeps, the Astro Pneumatic Tool 7865 Ball Joint Service Tool serves the Ford, Dodge, GM, and IHC. Its versatility is incredible.

You get to save some money and time if you also own any of these models because you can use it in all. But the vehicle must be a 4WD with either a 44 front axle or Dana 30. Otherwise, the manufacturing year does not matter; it could be the latest 2019 model or that made in 1967. This service tool handles them all, making it one of the top kit with the highest compatibility level.

Despite being made for the 4 – wheel drive system vehicles and showcasing a fantastic versatility feature, this service tool kit contains useful tools. Inside, you will find sleeves and adapters of various types and comes in different diameters and lengths. With these varying tools, removing or installing your Jeep JK's ball joints will be a breeze.

You cannot remove u-joints easily using wrenches. Fortunately, this service tool maker recognized that and helped solve the solution by creating a robust c-frame unit, which comes with the set. You will enjoy using the c-frame as it makes the strenuous process of removing or installing ball joints hassle-free.

Based on most users' reviews, this tool service kit comes with short adapter cups. It is a thing to consider while purchasing this kit. Otherwise, you will end up buying longer adapter cups separately, meaning an added cost to your budget.

What's impressive is that this unit is ideal to use by both a family mechanic and professional. The tool's sturdiness and longevity is remarkable, not to forget the robust carry case which helps keep them safe and together.

For a person that is usually rough on tools, this pick is a great one. The material used in making the tools inside is heavy-duty steel, not compromising on quality.

Ensure you carry out frequent cleaning and maintenance of the tools to improve its longevity. Spending your money on this product is worth it.


  • Robust and long-lasting tools
  • Looks great and offers optimal functionality
  • Easy to install
  • A sturdy carry case
  • Ideal to use at home and by professionals
  • Compatible with various 4WD vehicles
  • Very versatile
  • Contains a useful c-frame unit for easier removal of the u-joints


  • You may need to buy longer adaptor cups separately
  • Does not fit all 4WD drive models

7. Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press for Jeep JK

Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press for Jeep JK

The Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit is the best combination to handle your Jeep Wrangler ball joints. The essential tools inside make this unit a must-have.

Despite its excellent functionality, the kit looks attractive, making it irresistible. The case carrier comes sturdy to safeguard the components inside, as it gives the product a beautiful look. You can put your head high as you carry it around to your Jeep JK. Because of its lightweight, moving around with it is easy, making it ideal for frequent travelers.

The kit has gotten designed to handle both the 2WD and 4WD systems of vehicle models. Such models include the light pick up, Jeep, Ford, IHC, GM, and Dodge. The car's age is no issue with this kit, as long as it got manufactured any time from 1962. Its impressive versatility allows you to use both in your Jeep JK and any other model you may have that fits the kit.

Therefore, you can buy one kit to handle your various models, which ends up saving your precious time and hard-earned money.

What will impress you is the many purposes of this kit. You can remove or install your Jeep's ball joints with ease. The included adapter helps in removing the press-fit parts like the brake anchor pins and U-joints. More so, all these get done without removing your Jeep's control arm.

Its quality and longevity are unmatched, explaining why it's a favorite for most professional mechanics. With its heavy-duty forged steel construction, which comes finished with black-oxide, the tools cannot rust or corrode and are very robust. Unlike its competitors, on purchasing this kit, you get assured of its service for several years.

The attractive package comes well partitioned inside with space for every tool, making it very organized and neat. Tracing the tool you need is like a piece of cake. You will find an installing cup, forcing-screw press, screw, removal adapter, installation adapter, install cup adapter, receiving cup, and 3x receiving tube inside the kit.

Despite the Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit's maker offering such a quality product, they also provide professional technical support.

Considering its optimal and efficient functionality, it's a real deal for your money. Besides, you need not worry if you can't handle the kit. Contact the support, and you will get sorted immediately.


  • Robust tools with incredible longevity
  • Ideal to use in vehicles with both 2WD and 4WD system
  • Compatible with various car models
  • Comes with a sturdy and attractive case to store and protect the tools
  • Can carry it around with ease due to its lightweight
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • Adapters come finished with black-oxide for additional strength and durability
  • Value for your money


  • The long adaptors may not be ideal for your Jeep's lower ball joint
  • Designed for specific models with 2WD and 4WD system

8. American Star Polaris 4130 Chromoly Racing ATV/UTV A-Arm Ball Joint Set

American Star Polaris 4130 Chromoly Racing ATV/UTV A-Arm Ball Joint Set

Having been designed to offer a smooth ride, you will consider these Jeep JK adjustable ball joints a valuable asset. It comes with a weight of 1.6 pounds only, making it easy to handle.

Jeeps come with factory-fitted ball joints that perform less compared to the American Star Polaris 4130. With this ball joint set, your Jeep's performance becomes better and more robust. It is the reason this set is one of the best heavy-duty ball joints available on the market today.

The manufacturer designed them to allow greasing for higher output. No wonder that this ball joint set lasts long and comes with utmost accuracy. You don't experience any form of friction between the balls and their sockets because of the greasing.

The Jeep's steering and suspension operating systems become very easy to control with this set's installation, making you enjoy a smooth ride. You need not worry while cruising around on the rough roads as they can handle excess pressure.

Unlike the factory-fitted ball joints made with nylon bushings, the American Star Polaris 4130 does not harm your Jeep JK when exposed to excess stress or poorly handled. Thanks to the ball joints sturdiness attributed by the Chromoly aircraft material of grade 4130 used in its making.

The set's versatility feature attributes to this set of ball joints winning many mechanics and Jeep JK owners' hearts. It is compatible with various models of Jeeps. Also, if you need the set as a pair, it's available. Some ball joints sets come only as a set of four pieces, meaning you can buy the whole set even though you only require to use two parts.

With its zinc-plated finishing, the American Star Polaris 4130 comes with excellent rotation. When compared with the OEM Ball Joints, the American Star Polaris 4130 is three times stronger! What's more impressive is the fact that they cost below half the OEM models. It is an excellent investment for your Jeep JK.

Because of their toughness and durability, the American Star Polaris 4130 stands out as the top Polaris ATV-UTV ball joints available today. In case you develop a problem after purchase, the customer service is always ready to support. You only need a family mechanic to install it as the procedure is straightforward. It's a perfect choice for your Jeep JK.


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Easy installation
  • Can get greased
  • The top Polaris ATV-UTV ball joints available today
  • Accommodates different vehicle types
  • The balls rotate better than its competitors
  • It can get greased for optimal results


  • Some users claim their set seized before six months
  • The rubber boots may split when covered below 500 miles, as expressed by some customer reviews

9. PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit Upper & Lower Ball Joints for Jeep Cherokee

PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit Upper & Lower Ball Joints for Jeep Cherokee

Despite noticing its superb craftsmanship, you will also love the decent quality that comes with this set. You will find some installation hardware, two ball joints for the front upper side, and two for the front lower side in the package. If you have a tight budget, it's the right ball joints for Jeep JK you can get today.

Ball joints get contaminated by dust and other impurities. But with a dust boot, your ball joint is protected. The PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit for Jeep Cherokee comes with an excellent dust boot that contributes to its long-serving years.

Corrosion is a significant factor that contributes to the ball joint's deterioration. But you need not worry about this with the PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit for Jeep Cherokee. The premium alloy steel material used in its making and the powdered coating effectively resist corrosion.

When not sure of what ball joints to pick for your Jeep Wrangler, this option could come in handy because of their versatility. They are ideal for various Jeep models like Jeep Cherokee made from 1984 to 2001, any Jeep Wrangler JK model, and the 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Despite its outstanding performance, the PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit for Jeep Cherokee comes with a few issues. Its boots look a bit flimsy, and you need to press the upper boot to remove it.

Considering the price, you enjoy a great deal for less. It is worth buying, especially if you have a low budget. With its durability and top-notch quality, this set of ball joints endures fatigue, impact, and tear and wear.

This set does not corrode even during the harshest conditions, thanks to its added sturdiness and precision-made performance. Because of its uninterrupted 360 degrees rotational movement, your Jeep's steering responds quickly to any command or turning. It is the reason you enjoy a great riding experience with this set. With every component able to access grease, the PartsW 4 Pc Suspension Kit for Jeep Cherokee lives long.


  • I deal for various Jeep models
  • Crafted from the finest materials
  • Serves for a very long time
  • Can be greased to allow smooth operation and long life
  • Does not resist
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly
  • Exhibits an outstanding performance
  • Does not corrode


  • Must press the upper ball joints to remove the dust boot
  • Flimsy looking boots

10. Rare Parts RP12573 Ball Joint Kit

Rare Parts RP12573 Ball Joint Kit

If you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets for optimal performance, this kit is the best rare parts ball joints for your JK. Unlike most kits, you can count on this set of ball joints.

The kit consists of a full set of ball joints for both the upper and lower sides. More so, distinguishing between the pair for either side is easy. The upper ball joints come with an anodized retaining nut that's brown.

It is the lower ball joint's work to hold up your Jeep's load, but with this kit, the upper ball joints also assist in handling the pressure. Most ball joints don't come with the installation hardware, requiring you to spend more purchasing them. But with the Rare Parts RP12573 Ball Joint Kit, you don't have to buy the fixing hardware as it comes with them.

For those with knowledge of changing such staff, using this kit will be like a downhill task. It comes with an easy to read and understand instruction guide idea for any beginner.

The joints come greaseable, meaning there's no friction between the balls and their sockets. The upper ball joint comes with a polyurethane wipe seal responsible for preventing contamination. Also, it comes mounted inside to deter friction and tearing.

The lower joint ball comes with a HEXAD Grease System, which contains six grease grooves, equally spaced to enhance equal distribution of grease. When the wheel turns, the lubricant gets spread between the wear surfaces. In return, the ball joints last long and enhance a smooth rotation. Also, controlling both the suspension and steering becomes effortless, making your ride enjoyable.

Though you can adjust the upper ball joints of this kit, you cannot do so for the lower side. But they come with a very high load carrying capacity because of their metal bearings of 32MM. With its lifetime warranty, you get assured to enjoy value for your money. It is the kind of deal you require for your Jeep JK!


  • Both upper and lower ball joints share the load
  • Comes with load carry caps
  • Comes as a complete set for both sides
  • You can adjust the upper ball joints
  • Affordable price with a lifetime warranty
  • Can be greased and performs optimally
  • The upper and lower ball joints are distinguishable
  • Includes the installation hardware


  • Non-adjustable lower ball joints
  • May not ship to some countries

Factors to Consider Before Buying Ball Joints for Jeep JK


With ball joints for Jeep JK, quality is the main thing to consider. Jeeps are designed to handle rough terrains and cannot do so with weak ball joints. Consider the materials used in making the ball joints as a pointer of their quality. Ball joints made with materials like stainless steel are of excellent quality. Such ball joints never corrode or tear and wear, guaranteeing to serve you for long.

Everything Included

Consider ball joints that come with all components. Go for the complete set that does not require you to buy anything else once you've purchased it. Such ball joints come as a kit containing both the upper and lower ball joints, and installation hardware. Other kits require the customer to purchase enhancements to help them perform as needed. Such extras come at an extra cost.

Special Features

Ball joints for JK are different in most aspects. Their variations is a result of the different features they inhibit. The features can attribute to a disadvantage or advantage to the ball joints. For instance, you can distinguish the upper ball joints from the lower ones because they come with top nuts.

Before buying the ball joints, go through all the features to identify those that favor you. Some added features come with an extra cost, but it's worth buying because of the added benefits.


Most Jeep JK owners look at the ball joints price to determine whether to buy. Perhaps it's even the main determining factor. But what constitutes a price? The quality of the ball joint determines its cost. If high end materials get used in its making and contain added features, the ball joint's price will go up.

Cheap ball joints may indicate the use of weak materials in their construction with no special features. For a Jeep JK, the best quality ball joints are ideal to use and come at a cost. But the benefits are a bunch. The ball joints will not only serve you for longer but also ensure you experience a smooth ride.


You wouldn't want to pick ball joints that may make you get stranded after they break unexpectedly. Go for strongly made ball joints for Jeep JK. Their strength determines their durability. Sturdy ball joints outperform those factory-fitted ones in all ways and come with much endurance. They also tolerate all turns and provides an excellent driving experience.

Grease Zerk

A Grease zerk is where you put a lubricant to the ball joint to help in its maintenance. Some ball joints come with it, while others don't. Those with grease zerks performs excellently and last longer.

Now that you've got an insight into the best ball joints for Jeep JK and how to choose the right one let us look at how it works.

How Ball Joints for Jeep JK Works

Consider ball joints for Jeep JK like our ball and socket joints found in our hips or shoulders. Without them, it could be difficult for us to move our legs and arms.

The same works with the vehicle ball joints. They come as two parts where one part with a round head connects to the others' spherical cavity. As a result, the Jeep JK can move in all directions.

Ball joints connect to the Jeep JK's control arms that attach to its steering knuckles. They are like a pivot point. With these joints, your Jeep JK's suspension can move up and down, while the wheels steer right or left.

They get put in your Jeep's front suspension because it is the place that allows your Jeep to make turns. With ball joints installed in your Jeep JK, you can carry heavy loads and drive on any road. The tires also stay in contact with the road at all times, ensuring a smooth ride despite the road type.

Death wobble experiences with your Jeep JK is an excellent indication that the ball joints need to get replaced. If you have faulty ball joints, and want to replace them, follow the following step by step guide.

A Step by Step Guide on Jeep JK Ball Joint Replacement

Step 1: Remove the Wheels

Lift and secure your Jeep JK with a Jack stand, and remove the tires.

Step 2: Take Out the Brake Calipers

First, locate where the reservoir of your Jeep's brake fluid is and pop its hood. Then loosen its top and remove the brake caliper's bolts using a ½ - inch, 12-point socket. Use a big c-clamp to compress the piston of the brake caliper. When out, hang the calipers using a bungee cord to secure them. Then take out the brake lever and set it aside.

Step 3: Remove the Three Bolts

After getting the brake lever out, you can now reach the splash and hub assembly. The hub comes with three bolts that connect it to your Jeep's steering knuckle. Remove the three bolts. In case they are difficult to remove, loosen them using a breaker bar. Then take out the nut that secures the hub assembly and axle. Pliers might come in handy.

Step 4: Remove the Entire Hub Assembly

After removing the bolts, grab and pull out the entire hub assembly

Step 5: Remove the Axle Shaft from the Differential

The axle shaft comes as a long bar. Pull it out. Your Jeep JK's front steering knuckle usually holds the tie rod end. Get it out using a tool made for removing a tie rod end. When out, you can now access the lower and upper ball joints, and the steering knuckle.

Step 6: Remove the Castellated Nuts from Ball Joints

Use the 28mm socket to take out the castellated nut for the lower ball joint and a 22mm socket for the upper ball joint. Then press the ball joints to remove them, but you need to remove the steering knuckle first.

Step 7: Remove the Ball Joints

Begin with the upper ball joint. Remove its dust boot then set the press to push out the ball joint. The press's upper clamp should hold the ball joint's top cap, while the lower clamp holds the ball joint's bottom fitting. Then tighten the press. The ball joint will get pushed out by the lower clamp through the top. Use the same procedure to remove the lower ball joints.

Step 8: Install the Ball Joints

Take the best ball joint that you've chosen for your Jeep JK and make it ready for installation. Remove it from its package, and ensure all parts are intact. Then grease all the places where the old parts sat for easier installation. Install the lower joint ball by using a c-clamp to press it from below going up.

The upper ball joint will get pressed from above. So it's advisable first to remove its dust boot and retainer ring. You will fix them afterward. Ensure you lubricate the place enough before pressing it down. Voila! Your Jeep JK's ball joints have gotten installed!

So, What's the Best Ball Joints for Jeep JK?

As illustrated above, ball joints are essential parts of any vehicle model. For you to enjoy an excellent riding experience with your Jeep JK, you must install quality and sturdy ball joints. Because the market gets flooded with many ball joints ideal for Jeep JKs, choosing the right one is a hard nut to crack.

Fortunately, when you consider some factors before purchase, as discussed above, you will end up with the right ball joints for your Jeep JK.

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