Top 10 Best Freestanding Bathtub (Reviews of 2021)

If you want to turn your bathroom into your own private spa, finding the best freestanding bathtub is a must. A freestanding tub is often a style statement since it's the first thing a person sees when entering a bathroom.

For that reason, a bathtub of this type should look beautiful and elegant and set the tone for the room. Most freestanding bathtubs are large, deep and comfortable in order to offer a luxurious bathing experience. They are also made from durable materials that can keep bathwater warm during long baths.

Freestanding bathtub also comes with chic fixtures to elevate the style quotient. The main purpose of a freestanding tub is to soothe the eyes while pampering the body.

This article aims to help you understand freestanding tub features, pros and cons, and tips for care and installation. We've also included reviews of some of the top rated freestanding bathtubs of this kind that are on the market today. Finding the perfect freestanding bathtub for your needs can take your bathroom to the next level.

Quick Comparison: Best Freestanding Bathtubs

Top 10 Best Freestanding Bathtub Reviews:

1. Woodbridge 59" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Woodbridge 59

This Woodbridge freestanding bathtub is deep enough to soak but practical enough to use every day. With its 55 gallon interior, you can be sure of full immersion whenever you take a bath.

This bathtub is built out of acrylic reinforced with fiberglass materials. These extra layers of material make it solid and more prone to heat retention. That means that a hot bath will stay hot for plenty of time.

A full drain assembly and even a drain hose is included in this package. For your convenience, full illustrated instructions are also included to make installation go smoothly. Only high quality plumbing parts are included to save trips to the hardware store.

Both the drain and overflow are made from a shiny chrome that complements the tub's high-shine polish. The drain is centered in the middle of the tub's bottom, which makes sitting down comfortable.

The surfaces of the bathtub are easy to wipe down and clean daily. The glaze used to achieve the glossy finish resists stains and scratches too.

A generous warranty on both the tub and plumbing components is included for your peace of mind. This tub is built to last for years to come. The price is also affordable for all the features listed.


  • Great warranty that covers both the tub and plumbing components
  • Beautiful and graceful shape that offers a pleasing outline
  • Deep and spacious interior that can make a bath luxurious
  • Easy to clean surface both inside and outside the tub
  • Has a modern aesthetic that can work in contemporary decor
  • Acrylic is reinforced with fiberglass for superior strength and longevity
  • Retains heat longer than other tubs of this type
  • Shiny finish is resistant to stains and scratches


  • No tub filler is included in this package

2. WOODBRIDGE B0016-BG-Drain &O Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE B0016-BG-Drain &O Freestanding Bathtub

This distinctive freestanding bathtub can launch your modern bathroom to the next level. With its unique curves, it gives the best of both sharpness and contouring to any bathroom.

Made from a durable acrylic, this bathtub is also reinforced by a fiberglass interior. Ashland resin is used as well. The combination of these three materials make for a supremely long-lasting surface that will not scratch or discolor over time. The shiny gloss makes cleanup a breeze.

This model also makes for easy installation. A full drain assembly, complete with pipe and hose, accompany this tub. These plumbing parts are covered by a warranty and are made from solid materials.

A full color guide of how to install this tub is also included. The tub itself is covered by a five year warranty, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product.

Overall, this freestanding bathtub delivers a punch of visual appeal at a practical price tag. You will be able to be fully covered in water in this 50 gallon tub. This classy freestanding bathtub is sure to look right at home in traditional or contemporary bathrooms.


  • Ashland resin and fiberglass reinforcement makes tub stronger
  • Acrylic surface is quick to clean in a normal routine
  • Shiny all-over gloss makes interior and exterior look sleek
  • Striking aesthetic and practical depth for bathing
  • Brushed nickel overflow and drain let the tub's shape take center stage
  • Nice warranty on all parts of the tub and accompanying components
  • Durable drain hose and assembly included in package
  • Solid packaging to ensure good condition upon delivery


  • Due to shape, may not hold as much water as other models

3. Woodbridge 59" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Woodbridge 59

If you want to fit more than one person into the tub, this freestanding bathtub model may be for you. With a generous 67 inch length, this tub can seat two people within its spacious interior.

The 23 inches in depth also give plenty of space to soak in comfort. Due to its larger dimensions, this bathtub can hold much more water than other models. That means your bath will be thorough and luxurious.

A drain pipe and assembly are included in the package. A reassuring and lengthy warranty covers these parts as well as the tub itself.

Made from the finest Lucite acrylic, this bathtub has a special shiny sheen that will last for years. The smooth nonporous surface is comfortable to sit on and resists stains and scratches. It is easy to clean too.

One thing that sets this particular tub apart from the rest is its classic design. Clean, straight lines give a traditional, no-frills appearance that can blend in with any decor. The muted nickel drain and overflow keep things subtle instead of flashy.

Whether you are going for a farmhouse feel or a sleek, modern look, this elegant freestanding tub will fit right into your bathroom. The price is also lower, possibly because of its simple design.


  • Special lucite acrylic mixed with resin has great strength and durability
  • Large length can accommodate two people soaking in bath at once
  • Centered drain and overflow make for comfortable interior
  • Gently sloping sides are ergonomically sound for every bather
  • Classic shape and silhouette blend in seamlessly with any decor
  • Warranty on tub and plumbing parts is reassuring
  • Brushed nickel drain and overflow add to muted elegance of tub
  • Lower price than other models makes this tub appealing


  • Included drain hose may not be efficient

4. WOODBRIDGE B0016-BG-Drain &O Freestanding Bathtub, Brushed Gold

WOODBRIDGE B0016-BG-Drain &O Freestanding Bathtub, Brushed Gold

For smaller spaces and bathrooms, this freestanding bathtub could be a great choice. With a slightly narrower width and a reasonable length, this bathtub is simple but elegant. It can hold a sizable 55 gallons of water.

The soaking depth is a deep 23 inches. You won't have to sacrifice function for form on this model. With its plain lines and straightforward design, this tub has a timeless style appeal.

The overflow and drain are made from a brushed nickel, which is like a muted silver. These accents create muted statements and help the tub effortlessly blend in with almost any decor.

The drain assembly that is included in the package has a flexible hose. All of the plumbing components are made from sturdy materials that will last. You can be reassured of the quality by taking advantage of the five year warranty on the tub and year warranty on the drain accessories.

Built from acrylic that has fiberglass reinforcement, this tub is meant to stand the test of time. A unique resin glaze makes the surface smooth and shiny.

This extra shine keeps this tub from looking too humdrum or ordinary. The high gloss finish is also a breeze to wipe down after each use and resists stains. At a lower price point, this tub has a lot of beautiful and practical amenities.


  • Narrow width allows tub to fit inside smaller or narrower bathrooms
  • Brushed nickel drain and overflow add a muted style that looks beautiful
  • Sizable tub fill capability at an impressive 55 gallons
  • Acrylic surface is nonporous and smooth, making interior comfortable
  • Fiberglass reinforcement keeps heat from leaking out
  • Stainless steel brackets ensure easy and secure installation
  • Drain hose, pipe, and full assembly included within this package
  • A deep interior will allow full water immersion when sitting down


  • May drain more slowly than expected

5. WOODBRIDGE B-0004 White 67" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE B-0004 White 67

Because of this tub's stylish appearance and deep soaking tub, this could be one of the best models on this list. Not too flashy but not too simple, this tub has flared lines that are graceful and beautiful.

Soaking depth is not sacrificed for appearance, as the incredibly deep 28 inch interior allows for full immersion. In addition to its impressive depth, this tub also is long enough and large enough to fit two people at once. Even the drain and overflow are centered for maximum comfort.

A practical warranty on both the tub and its drain accessories can give you peace of mind. This model comes with a full drain assembly, including a hose and pipe as well as a drain cover.

The overflow and drain are both made from brushed nickel, which adds a subtle touch of sophistication to the overall look. Despite its massive size, this tub does not have an overwhelming appearance.

Its acrylic surface is finished with a resin, and fiberglass layers make the tub stronger from the inside. These extra layers of material also keep heat trapped within the tub for longer. When it comes to taking a truly luxurious soaking bath, this tub can fulfill almost every need.


  • Brushed nickel drain and overflow accessories add a soft touch
  • Unique flared walls of tub create a stunning yet understated effect
  • Large length and size can be roomy enough for two people at once
  • Strong acrylic is reinforced with fiberglass layers that retain heat
  • Full warranty for five years offers reassurance this is a quality product
  • Retains heat with cutting edge technology
  • Immense depth provides plenty of room for full soaking bath
  • Comes with thorough packaging to ensure safe delivery


  • Unconventional shape may take up more room

6. Woodbridge BTA0088 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

Woodbridge BTA0088 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

This sturdy freestanding bathtub looks and feels like it will last for a long time. With its extra thick walls and convenient ledge, this bathtub has a solid heft to it. The ledge portion is not only attractive but practical too. Use it to grab onto when entering or exiting the tub, or to store bathroom items like soap and shampoo. The acrylic material the tub uses has layers of fiberglass and resin to reinforce its strength.

Because of its chunky charm, this bathtub can fit into any decor whether it be modern or farmhouse chic. The simple shape and clean lines can ground a room and make for a good design foundational element. The brushed nickel drain and overflow take the style a step further. Both are located at the center of the tub for superior convenience and comfort.

Nice and deep at 24 inches, this tub can be used for long, soaking baths. Achieve full water immersion with the 55 gallon capacity, and keep the water warmer for a longer time with the Lucite acrylic composite.

The resin used in the tub gives a glossy shine to the surface that keeps it looking fresh and new. With a great warranty and an even better price, this tub has a lot of amazing features to consider.


  • Thick walls and solid construction make this tub look and feel sturdy
  • Acrylic has additional support from inner fiberglass layers
  • Incorporated resin adds shine and hardness to overall surface
  • Contemporary design can work in modern or traditional bathrooms
  • Deep enough to be a proper soaking and have full immersion
  • Can hold an impressive 55 gallons at its maximum tub fill
  • Brushed nickel overflow and drain add sophisticated dimension
  • All-around ledge area is easy to hold onto and use as storage


  • Shorter in length and can fit only one person

7. WOODBRIDGE BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE BTA-1513 Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

This bathtub has a little bit of everything. Not only is it insulated from severe heat loss, its acrylic and fiberglass materials are sure to last.

The slotted overflow and round drain are made from a classy brushed nickel that always looks beautiful. This freestanding bathtub maximizes elegance with a minimalist aesthetic. The thinner walls of the tub offer a chic and sleek appearance. They are not wide enough to provide storage space. However, they can be used to steady yourself when exiting and entering the tub.

The warranty on this model is a substantial five year warranty. Even the drain accessories like the hose and pipe are insured by a one year warranty.

This guarantee of quality should ease the mind when purchasing. This particular tub also comes with an Enduraclean finish that ensures the ultimate smooth surface. Not only is this tub scratch and stain resistant, it is sure to last a long time.

Two people can fit inside this tub due to its spacious interior. The drain is centered at the bottom of the tub, so you can sit on either end comfortably. The overflows is a slotted type, which looks beautiful and elegant.


  • The surface has an Enduraclean finish that's easy to wipe off
  • Deep 23 inches make this a great choice for a soaking tub
  • 60 gallons provide plenty of water for full body immersion bathing
  • Generous length offers comfortable space for two people
  • Warranty covers both tub and drain assembly parts
  • Sleek and simple design provides limitless elegance
  • Acrylic materials are mixed with resin and fiberglass for strength
  • Slotted overflow looks attractive and discreet


  • No ledge or storage area around rim of tub

8. Freestanding Bathtub – 59 Inch Black Acrylic Bathtub

Freestanding Bathtub – 59 Inch Black Acrylic Bathtub

If you want to make a style statement, this freestanding bathtub could be just what you're looking for. With slightly winged sides, this tub echoes elements of nature like flower petals or birds' wings.

This unique look will surely be the focal point of your bathroom without overwhelming the senses. Not only is this tub beautiful, it is also practical. Within the tub's interior is a molded ledge that can hold bath items.

One distinctive design element of this tub is the elevated sides. When a person leans back to relax, the higher sides provide privacy to their bath. This feature may be valuable to those who want to fully shut out the stressful world.

The incredible 79 gallon capacity of this tub ensures total water immersion when soaking. For this reason, you may want to check the capacity of your water heater before filling the tub completely.

Like many quality tubs, this one is made from acrylic and has a decent warranty. The drain and overflow are both round shapes and chrome-plated. No drain assembly is mentioned, which lowers the price a bit.


  • Distinctive design echoes nature and is visually striking
  • Molded shelf within tub is convenient for bathing
  • Round overflow matches the round shape of drain
  • Can hold a massive amount of water at 80 gallons
  • Fits two people at one time for simultaneous bathing
  • One year limited warranty on parts ensures quality
  • Lovely shiny surface is easy to wipe down and will never corrode
  • Elevated sides add an element of privacy and luxury


  • Drain and overflow elements are plated chrome

9. FerdY Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

This freestanding tub has not only one, but two molded ledges within its interior for bath item storage. This feature could come in handy for soaps, bath bombs or other bathing accessories.

In addition to this practical feature, this bathtub has a distinctive style that evokes tranquil moments. The oval shape curves gently and provides a sense of calm. Even the overflow and drain are round shapes to complete the look.

Though no warranty is specified, this product is sturdy and built to last. Made from durable acrylic, this bathtub delivers on function.

It is also reinforced with fiberglass, a material that has longevity The sloping interior provides lumbar support so you can soak in the bath comfortably for as long as you wish.

Due to its massive length, this bathtub can fit two people comfortably at one time. The drain is centered in the middle. Both the drain and the overflow have a chrome finish that will stay looking like new for years.


  • Makes installation a breeze with included drain parts
  • Oval shape offers a feeling of ease and tranquility to bathroom
  • Has more than one molded edge for soap or bath item storage
  • cUPC certified, which means it is safe for everyday use
  • Drain assembly is included in this package
  • Not as heavy as other models, which makes installation better
  • A statement piece with an unforgettable shape
  • Easy to wipe down daily and clean


  • No warranty is specified

10. Vanity Art 59 Inch Freestanding Bathtub

Vanity Art Best 59 Inch Freestanding Bathtub

Reminiscent of an era gone by, this freestanding bathtub has a farmhouse chic sensibility. With visually interesting ridges and a footed exterior, this tub is surprisingly eye-catching.

The installation process is made easier with four leveling legs that are hidden by the skirted foot. This way, you can get the ease of installing an alcove tub with the beauty of a freestanding tub.

A one year warranty lets you know you're getting a quality product. It covers manufacturer's defects. A chrome drain and slotted overflow are included with this package. With the shiny surface, these accessories make a visual impact in any bathroom.

The sides of this bathtub are thinner, but that doesn't mean they are flimsy. Reinforced with fiberglass, this acrylic tub is made to stand the test of time. A shiny glaze offers an easy to clean surface that is smooth and nonporous. The price tag is reasonable, making this bathtub an excellent choice and sound investment.


  • Takes guesswork out of installation with hidden leveling legs
  • One year warranty ensures no defects will get in the way
  • 55 gallon capacity is sure to fully immerse the bather
  • The unusual ridges on exterior make it eye-catching and memorable
  • Ergonomically designed interior to accommodate reclining
  • Footed bottom makes cleaning up easy and prevents mildew
  • Good soaking depth of 14 inches
  • Slightly more compact than other models


  • May not work with more modern decor

Best Freestanding Bathtub Buying Guide


The size of a freestanding tub is usually larger than a standard tub. Its large size helps it make a visual impact while offering practical function.

Most tubs of this nature can hold up to 80 gallons of water and should fully immerse the bather. Always measure your floor space before purchasing a tub.

It's a good idea to allow at least one foot of empty space on all sides of the tub. You don't want the room to look cramped or have trouble stepping out of the tub.

A freestanding bathtub should also be practical since it can be used for more than just taking baths. The size should also be able to accommodate other bathroom tasks like washing pets or hand washing clothes.


Bathtubs are designed to be sturdy, but the durable freestanding bathtub will offer versatility too.

Materials generally range from acrylic to cast iron and enameled porcelain, to resin. Some higher-end acrylic models are reinforced with fiberglass layers that make the tub strong.

Extra layers of fiberglass and resin also means the tub can retain heat more efficiently than other materials. Enameled porcelain with a cast iron base makes for a beautiful tub, but these materials are heavy. That means installation may be more difficult or cumbersome.

Water Capacity

Since freestanding bathtubs are designed to be larger and deeper, water capacity is often greater. Most freestanding tubs have a water holding capacity of 40 to 80 gallons.

This massive amount of water can make for a superior bathing experience and allow full immersion during a bath. The wider a tub, the shallower it may be. However, the water capacity may be the same.

It's always important to determine how deep you wish your tub to be before purchase since it can affect water capacity. If you have a small water heater, you may think twice about buying a tub that requires a higher water capacity to fill.

Footed vs Flat

A freestanding bathtub is unique in that it stands alone in the middle of a room. Unlike an alcove bathtub that is discreetly hidden in a corner and can be dropped in from above, a freestanding tub has to hold its own. Some tubs of this variety have four feet that raise it off the floor.

These footed tubs can look very elegant and provide classic, old-world charm. Most modern tubs do not have feet and are flat to the floor. While a flat bottom may take up more floor space, it does make cleaning easier. Leveling a flat-bottom tub is also easier during installation.

Shape and Visual Impact

Because a freestanding bathtub is so visually distinctive, you want to consider the shape of it. An oval tub with a rounded bottom has soft lines that provide a soothing visual element.

A more modern bathtub, however, may have sharp corners and defined lines. A sharper rectangular style can give a bathroom a sense of structure and order that's visually pleasing.

The shape of a tub's interior can also affect water capacity and sitting area. It's best to consider your own personal preferences when looking at the shapes available.

Features of Freestanding Bathtub

Stylish Appeal

Unlike an alcove tub that is hidden away behind a shower curtain, a freestanding bathtub is meant to stand alone. It also is meant to make a visual impact. Because of this, most tubs of this kind are extra stylish and have beautiful finishes.

Solid Construction

Built to last, freestanding bathtubs are usually constructed from strong materials like acrylic, porcelain or resin. A fiberglass reinforcement is frequently used within the tub for extra stability and temperature control.

Large Size and Depth

A bathtub of this type is usually meant to recreate a spa experience within the home, so it is often grand and large. Some freestanding tubs are even long and deep enough to sit two people inside them.

Sophisticated Finishes

Practical items like drains and overflows are standard on any bath. However, on a freestanding bathtub they can help the tub make a style statement. The shape of a slotted overflow, for example, can complement the sleek lines of an elegant bathtub.

Pros and Cons of a Freestanding Tub


  • Their beautiful appearance can make a striking statement
  • They are usually larger and deeper than normal tubs
  • You can take a thorough soaking bath inside of a freestanding bathtub
  • Can still be used as a regular tub when not bathing
  • Made from durable materials that will last a long time
  • Are easier to install than an alcove tub
  • Often have custom interiors that are comfortable to sit in
  • Even the drains and overflows have lovely finishes
  • Can hold a great amount of water at one time
  • Are large enough to hold two people if necessary
  • Easy to clean since you have 360-degree access to tub


  • Due to large size, they may be heavier than other types of bathtubs
  • Since they are deeper than standard tubs, stepping in and out may be trickier
  • They take up more room than an alcove tub
  • Some models may use more water than hot water tank holds


  • Daily wipe-downs: Freestanding bathtubs require daily maintenance. Fortunately, this type of care takes only seconds. Wiping your tub down daily helps keep it looking shiny and sparkling for years.
  • Monthly deep cleans: Taking extra care every month or so to fully clean all the corners and fixtures on your tub will go a long way in keeping it looking like new.
  • Avoid abrasive sponges: Always use soft rags or sponges when cleaning your tub. Regardless of what material your bathtub is made from, it will probably have a high-gloss finish that can be scratched by things like steel wool.
  • Avoid harsh solvents: Though cleaning solutions like bleach dilutions are usually safe to use, harsh solvents or cleanser can harm or dull down the glazed finish on your tub.
  • Use mild soap for everyday use: Using something like a mild dish detergent to wipe down your tub's surfaces will ensure gentle but thorough cleaning.
  • Drying with clean towel: Go the extra mile and dry your freestanding tub with a towel after each use. Doing so will almost certainly prevent mildew or soap scum from forming.
  • Avoid dyes or staining bath items: If you must rinse out hair dye or use other pigmented products, be sure to wipe down your tub immediately afterward to avoid staining the interior.

Installing a Freestanding Tub

Materials needed:

  • Leveler
  • Measuring stick or tape
  • Plumbing accessories
  • Mortar and trowel

Step One: Measure Floor and Tub

Map out in the room the place where you wish to place your tub. First measure the bottom of your bathtub and then measure the floor. Mark the floor where you want the tub to sit.

Step Two: Pour Mortar

Pour the mortar. Be sure to control your pour so that all the mortar is level. Smooth out any uneven areas with a trowel before continuing.

Step Three: Drop Tub into Place

Maneuver the tub into place. This may take multiple people depending on how large and heavy your freestanding tub is. When in doubt, always have a helper handy. It's best to lift the tub and then drop in onto the mortar base.

Step Four: Level and Hook Up Plumbing

Use your leveling tool to make sure the tub is sitting nice and even. Hook up all the plumbing fixtures, including the drain. If you wish to install a tub filler or separate spray hose, do so now. Allow the mortar at least one day to fully set, and then your tub should be ready to use.

Freestanding Bathtub Materials


An acrylic base for a bathtub means durability and stability. Acrylic is made from a super-heated plastic that can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of this, acrylic is a great choice to make a unique freestanding tub.

Enameled Porcelain

Enameled porcelain often appears over a cast iron base. These types of tubs are usually much heavier than other materials. The porcelain looks charming and traditional, but may be prone to chipping over time.


Freestanding tubs are reinforced with fiberglass. An ultra strong material, fiberglass helps a bathtub retain heat. This feature means your bathwater can stay warmer for a longer period of time.


Resin is a type of glaze that makes a tub shiny and strong. Sometimes mixed with stone dust, a resin is scratch and stain resistant. Often other materials, like acrylic, are mixed with resin for extra strength.

So, Which is the Best Freestanding Bathtub?

Freestanding bathtubs can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. We've chosen Vanity Art 59 Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub.

Not only is this tub large enough to fit two people, it had a stylish sensibility. The flared walls really pack a visual punch, and a brushed nickel drain and overflow add muted elegance.

The price is affordable, and you can't go wrong with a durable acrylic tub. Its white, smooth surfaces will be easy to clean. Even a drain assembly and flexible hose are included.

All in all, a freestanding bathtub can help you achieve the in-home spa look and feel you want. Buying the best freestanding bathtub that fits your needs and lifestyle can improve your bathroom immensely.

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