How to Remove an Angle Grinder Disc without a Tool

How to Remove an Angle Grinder Disc without a Tool

Beginners are skeptical about removing angle grinder discs without specialized tools to avoid unexpected injuries. Many are wondering how to remove the angle grinder disc without a tool.

While angle grinders are lightweight and compact, changing blade on angle grinder involves various strategies.

These strategies will improve your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, whether you’re a beginner or a professional handling angle grinders.

The concepts are ideal for workers across all ages of life but involve taking safety precautions.

Removing discs from grinders with your hand, chisel, or hammer instead of specialized tools is straightforward, reliable, and time-saving.

Easiest Steps To Remove Angle Grinder Disc Without Tool

Removing angle grinder discs without tools is challenging and time-consuming for new owners but also a learning curve.

Be prepared to work with your hands, but with leather gloves to protect your hand from expected injuries.

Step 1: Unplug from the power source

If you want to remove angle grinder discs without specialized tools successfully, your first task is to unplug the device from the power source.

It is advisable to unplug the device because an accidental surge can cause injuries during operations.

Angle grinders come in different sizes, shapes, and modes of operation. If you’re using a cordless machine, consider removing the battery before attempting to remove discs.

While battery removal makes the device lightweight and easy to move, it also helps you avoid unnecessary situations.

Step 2: Remove angle grinder disc

Now that you understand the importance of unplugging the grinder from the power source or removing batteries, it’s time to remove the disc.

You can remove the disc with various methods, and we’ll discuss a few below:

Using your bare hands

If you want to remove the angle grinder disc with your bare hands, you must understand the safety precautions. It would be best if you had a pair of leather gloves for a successful operation.

Another advantage of gloves is hand security because there’s a great chance you’ll cut your hand without them.

After wearing a pair of gloves, hold the lock button and rotate in the opposite direction with your hand.

This process will unlock the nuts holding the disc, and you can unscrew with your bare hands.

Most beginners using this strategy tend to break the disc in the process, so make sure you unscrew every bolt before removing the disc.

If you’re working for a limited time and having efficiency issues with your grinder’s disc, consider learning the hand removal method

Using a pair of pliers

An ideal way to remove angle grinder discs without a specialized tool is mimicking the wrench with a pair of pliers or bolts.

Search for two bolts that fit snugly into the locking nuts. These bolts hold the disc in position, start rotating the nuts counterclockwise with the pliers.

During the rotation, it is advisable to press the lock button on the machine to hold the wheels in position. With this method, you can create an adjustable wrench suitable for various purposes.

Weld the bolts on a few old pliers, but you’ll need a pair of spanners for efficiency. You can also use vice grips for this project.

If you choose to remove discs with vice grips, lock them around the nuts and rotate. Keep in mind that pressing the lock button during operations is essential to your success.

Using a chisel and hammer

Another effective strategy for changing the blade on an angle grinder involves using a chisel and hammer.

Your first task is putting the chisel’s tip into the locking nut holes. Keep in mind that the chisel needs to reach a specific angle for effective performance.

Mimic the disc rotation before bringing your hammer into the action.

Use the hammer to hit the chisel to enable a counterclockwise rotation of the nut. It would be best to put effort into this action as it may require a few hits to unlock the disc.

Because this method involves using a chisel and hammer, be careful with this disc removal method because the chisel can damage the locking nut holes.

Ensure you hit with precision to prevent unexpected damages.

Place a new disc

After unscrewing the nuts, you can remove the discs with your bare hands. Now that you can remove discs without specialized tools, place a new disc and screw the nuts.

Make sure you get a suitable disc for the grinder to efficient performance and drive them nuts to lock it in position.

If you’re a beginner having difficulties identifying the most suitable disc for your tool, ask for directions from professionals. After placing the disc, it’s time to tighten it.

Use your hand to spin the disc in the opposite direction and tighten the nuts with your hands.

When you turn the disc, it tightens the nuts, and you can continue operations. It is worth noting that security is vital for removing discs from angle grinders, so make sure you have suitable leather gloves for your operations.

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1. When should angle grinder wheels be replaced?

Experts advise users not to use angle grinder wheels beyond their expiration date. While it depends on the wheel type and application, you should replace it when grinding becomes a challenge because of the guard.

The general rule of thumb is to replace straight, portable, recessed, cylinder, and cup wheels when you have blemished edges.

Keep in mind that bad wheels cause blending, cutting, and grinding issues.

2. Why is my angle grinder smoking?

The most common cause of a smoking angle grinder is carbon brushes. These brushes supply electricity to the motor and can overheat because of the carbon build-up between the commutator and brushes.

Most brushes overheat and melt the plastic housing leading to a burst of smoke from the machine. Overloading is another factor to consider in the event of smoke during operation with your angle grinder.

3. How do you put a sanding disc in a grinder?

Your first task is getting a backing pad for the sanding disc. It is advisable to place the pad on the shaft before putting the sanding disc on it.

Put the top nut on the sanding disc, hold the lock button on top of the machine and tighten the disc with your hand. If you don’t get the required tightening, use a spanner with proms while holding the lock button for optimal results.


Changing the blade on an angle grinder with your hand, chisel, or hammer instead of specialized tools is time-saving.

While the process saves time and enhances productivity, it is advisable to wear safety gloves to prevent unexpected injuries.

If finding a wrench to remove your grinder disc becomes a challenge, do not fret as there several applicable methods to achieve your task.

Although angle grinder discs come in different sizes, you can use a chisel, hammer, or bare hands to remove the disc with the above methods.

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