How to Remove Bathtub Decals

Are you scared of removing adhesives in your bathroom? Bathtub decals are nonslip appliques that stick on your tub floors to prevent falling off as you shower.

However, once they start wearing out, stickers can be slippery and make your bathroom look ugly.

Things You Need to Remove Bathtub Decals:

  1. Nylon scrubber
  2. Lubricating oil
  3. Adhesive remover
  4. White Vinegar
  5. Powdered and liquid cleanser
  6. Wooden or plastic spatula
  7. Rag and sponge
  8. One gallon of warm water

What are The Steps to Remove Bathtub Decals?

Many bathtubs in our homes are either made of acrylic, enamel, or fiberglass. Although anti-slip guards add friction to a tub’s bottom, decreasing the chances of losing your foot, they become less effective over time! Hence, they need to be replaced with immediate effect.

Depending on the material used to construct your bathtub, here are reliable yet simple ways to remove tub adhesives and guards.

Removing Decals in an Acrylic Bathtub:

Nonslip adhesive strips make slippery tubs safer for children and the elderly. However, when they start to peel off and crack, they make your bathroom look dirty no matter how much effort you put in to clean it.

Follow the steps below to get rid of old guards in your shower

#Step 1: Dip a rag in Vinegar

Put your cloth in white Vinegar, adhesive remover, or lubricating oil and thoroughly allow your rag to dampen. Place a dampened rag on top of an anti-slip guard covering its edges as you press down to ensure that the liquid comes into direct contact with the decals. Finally, leave the rag for five minutes to allow Vinegar to soften the guard’s material.

#Step 2: Remove the rag off the decal

Pry up one edge of the adhesive using a wooden or a plastic spatula as you grasp the sides with your fingers. Pull the edges slowly as you lift it to peel the glue from the tub’s bottom carefully. However, if the guard begins to tear up or separates from the bathtub’s bottom, stop pulling it.

#Step 3: Put additional Vinegar, adhesive remover or oil on the rag

Put the wet cloth under the raised part of the guard as you push it against the stuck portion. Leave the dampened rag for five minutes to allow the Vinegar or oil to soften the guard’s adhesive.

#Step 4: Remove the rag

Place the edge of the spatula under the guard’s stuck or torn edge as you pry it upward from the tub’s surface. Secondly, pull the guard like before once the stuck side becomes loose. Lastly, repeat the process to remove the entire guard from the tub.

#Step 5: Sprinkle some powdered cleanser into the bathtub

Put enough mild powdered soap on the tub’s bottom surface. Rub the powder back and forth using a nylon cleanser on the bathtub’s surface to remove any clinging guard’s surface or vinegar residue.

#Step 6: Rinse the bathtub surface

Rinse your tub’s bottom with enough water from the tub’s tap to get rid of soap residue. Repeat rinsing three times to remove soap altogether. You are now set! Wait for the bathtub to dry before putting new anti-slip guards on your bathroom floors.

Removing Decals in a Fiberglass Bathtub:

Fiberglass bathtubs are famous for their durability and glossy appearance in most homes. Unfortunately, shower bottoms are usually marred with sticky nonslip appliqués that attract bacteria and dust particles. The longer the adhesives stick on fiberglass, the more complicated they are to remove.

Therefore, there are precise solutions to help you remove adhesives from fiberglass showers.

#Step 1: Scraping process

Use a plastic scraper or spatula to scrape off much adhesive on the bathroom floor as much as possible.

#Step 2: Spray the adhesive remover

Efficiently spray the commercial adhesive remover on the remaining decal adhesive. Carefully read the product’s label and guide inside the box. Leave the adhesive remover on the fiberglass surface for thirty minutes to soften the guard’s adhesive.

#Step 3: Wipe the adhesive solution

Use a proper towel to wipe off the sticky solution on your bathroom floor. Consequently, dry the fiberglass surface thoroughly using a clean cloth.

#Step 4: Inspect the fiberglass surface

Look for any remaining adhesive on the fiberglass. If traces of adhesive material remain on your bathroom floor, repeat the cleaning process.

#Step 5: Gallon of warm water

Have one gallon of warm water in a pail. Add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap to the warm water. Mix the solution thoroughly until you get an excellent solution.

#Step 6: Put a sponge in soapy water

Place a non-abrasive sponge in soapy water. Use the soapy sponge to rub the fiberglass surface to remove any remaining residue gently. In the process, frequently rinse the sponge with clean water to avoid reapplying dirt on the fiberglass surface.

#Step 7: Rinse the surface

Rinse the fiberglass surface with warm water. Dry the glass with a clean and proper towel thoroughly. Allow the fiberglass to dry off well before applying new nonslip guards.

What are the precautions to take while removing bathtub decals?

  • Wear quality and recommended gloves when applying Vinegar, adhesive remover, oil, and powdered soap to protect your skin.
  • Do not use steel wool or metal scrapers to scrub the tub’s surface or pry up the anti-slip guards as you would scratch the bathroom bottom.


It would be best if you did not get worried when your old decals begin to wear out and become dirty. We’ve got you covered! Follow our specific and reliable guidelines on how to remove stickers in your bathtub, and you will be the happiest and satisfied person in the world to see your bathroom sparkling!

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